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Gate and Thermal Spraying

Valve Gate: The core parts of flat gate valves used in the petrochemical industry require high pressure, wear resistance, corrosion prevention against H2S and CO2, especially wellhead and Christmas tree valves have higher requirements. 

Product parameters

Brief Introduction

The definition of thermal spraying technology in the national standard GB/T18719-2002 "Thermal spraying terminology, classification": The thermal spraying technology uses a heat source to heat the spray material to a dissolved or semi-dissolved state, and spray deposited at a certain speed to after pretreatment of substrate surface coating method. Thermal spraying technology is to create a special working surface on the surface of ordinary materials, it can achieve: a variety of functions such as anti-corrosion, wear-resisting, anti-friction, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, heat insulation, insulation, electrical conduction, anti-microwave radiation, etc, through this technology, the goal of saving materials and saving energy is achieved. We call this special work surface a coating, and the working method for making this coating is called thermal spraying. Thermal spray technology is one of the important components of surface process technology, which accounts for about one-third of surface engineering technology.


1. The device is simple in structure and flexible in operation. This technology can be used for large-area spraying of large components or for spraying at specified locations; The operation process can be carried out in the factory room or on the outdoor site.

2. Flexible process and less operating procedures, it can quickly repair defects and reduce processing time.

3. Well-adapted, the operation process is generally not limited by the size of the work place and the location.

4. The thickness of the coating can be controlled

5.Besides spray welding, when the substrate heating temperature is low and the workpiece deformation is small, the metallographic structure and performance change are also small.

6. Parts suitable for various base materials

Technical advantages

1. The toughness and easy processing of metal materials can be organically combined with the high temperature resistance, abrasive resistance and corrosion resistance of the ceramic material.

2. A reasonably selected coating material and a suitable spray coating process can provide a surface strengthening coating with various functions.

3. Free from matrix limitations. 

    The base material used for thermal spraying may be an inorganic material such as metal, ceramic, cement, refractory material, stone, gypsum or the like, it can also be organic materials such as plastic, rubber, wood, and paper etc.

4. Not limited by the size of the work place and the location.

5. The deposition rate of the coating is fast, the thickness is controllable, and the process is simple.

6. The ceramic coating has good processability and the coating can be re-sprayed after the coating is damaged.


The thermal spraying technology has achieved rapid development in the past decades. This technology has evolved from the early preparation of general protective coatings to the preparation of various functional coatings, from the maintenance of individual workpieces to the mass production of products, and from a single coating preparation to spray system engineering(Including product failure analysis, surface pretreatment, development, selection of coating materials and equipment, coating system design and post-coating processing)-- it has therefore become a very active subject in the field of material surface science. It has alsp become an independent material processing technology similar to casting, forging, welding and heat treatment in modern industry. Meanwhile, It has become an important process for the industrial sector to save valuable materials and energy, improve product quality, extend product life, reduce costs and improve work efficiency. This method, the thermal spraying technology, has been used more and more widely in various fields of the national economy.

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