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Ball Valve Seats Designed With Equilateral Triangle Section Methods

Mar. 07, 2019

It's inevitable for the tight closure of a ball valve to be disturbed by Its ball's wedging action, and Its Ball Valve Seat is an Angry Urge amplifier Using an inherent disturbance Immunity Indicator or a sealing Preserving Variable m.

Ball Valve Seat

The ball valve seat designed with equilateral triangle section methods of the invention can positively ensure itself a resistance to ball-wedged disturbance from eccentric drive to make a ball valve realize its tight closure by the floated pressure of balls or seats onto each other and ensure that the ultimate rotational resistance to the ball only relates to the ultimate pressure from/on one seat. Because the seat of the prior art can not ensure balls or Carbide Valve Seat against each other a floated pressure sufficient to resist to the ball-wedged disturbance from eccentric drive, the tight closure of the ball valve has to be realized by either larger preclamping force or larger spring preload between seats and balls so as for the ultimate rotational resistance to balls to be from larger ball-clamping forces from two seats. Therefore, the ball valve in accordance with the invention is a real floating or mounted ball valve, whose operation torque can be at most half of that of a formal or false floating ball valve of the prior art.

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