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What Are The Characteristics Of The Press-in Expansion Valve Seat?

May. 27, 2019

As a Gate Valve Parts Manufacturer, we have summarized the characteristics of some press-in expansion valve seats to share with everyone. The press-in expansion valve seat comprises an annular valve seat body, and the plane of the valve body near the valve body is a valve seat sealing surface, and the valve seat sealing surface is provided with a ring around the valve seat hole The sealing boss has an area in which the sealing boss plane is in contact with the valve body is smaller than a contact area between the original sealing surface of the valve seat and the valve body. The utility model utilizes the contact between the outer surface of the valve seat sealing boss and the sealing surface of the valve body to realize the metal seal between the valve seat and the valve body, and the sealing specific pressure under the same working condition is increased due to the reduction of the contact area, thereby avoiding The occurrence of the leak.

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