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The Details That Must Be Paid Attention To When Installing The Valve!

Jun. 17, 2019

Gate Valve Parts Manufacturer to share with you a few details to install the valve.

3. During the winter construction, the hydrostatic test is carried out at a negative temperature.

Consequences: The tube freezes quickly due to the rapid freezing of the tube during the hydrostatic test.

Measures: Try to carry out the water pressure test before the winter application, and blow the water after the pressure test, especially the water in the valve must be cleaned, otherwise the valve will freeze.

The project must be carried out at a positive temperature in the room during the hydrostatic test in winter, and the water should be blown off after the test. When the hydrostatic test is not possible, it can be tested with compressed air.

Anti Friction Valve Gate

4. The main materials, equipment and products used in construction lack technical quality identification documents or product certifications that meet the current national or ministerial standards.

5. The expansion bolt of the fixed pipe bracket is inferior in material. The hole diameter of the installation expansion bolt is too large or the expansion bolt is installed on the brick wall or even the light wall.

Consequences: The pipe support is loose, the pipe is deformed or even falls off.

Measures: The expansion bolts must be selected as qualified products. If necessary, samples should be tested for inspection. The diameter of the installation expansion bolts should not be larger than the outer diameter of the expansion bolts by 2 mm. The expansion bolts are applied to the concrete structure.

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