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Features of Thermal Spray Technology

Aug. 12, 2019

From the principle and process analysis of thermal spray technology, Valve Seat Manufacturer believes that thermal spray technology has the following characteristics:

1. Due to the wide temperature range of the heat source, the sprayable coating material includes almost all solid engineering materials such as metals, alloys, ceramics, cermets, plastics and composite materials composed thereof. Therefore, it can impart various functions to the substrate (such as abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, insulation, heat insulation, biocompatibility, infrared absorption, etc.).

2. For example, metal, ceramic, glass, cloth, paper, plastic, etc.) The surface of the substrate is heated and controlled, and can be sprayed on various materials (such as Tungsten Carbide Seats, ceramics, glass, cloth, paper, plastic, etc.). It has little effect on the organization and performance of the substrate, and the deformation of the workpiece is small.

3. The equipment is simple and flexible in operation. It can spray large parts of large areas and spray specified parts. It can be sprayed indoors or outdoors.

Ball Valve Seat

Ball Valve Seat

4. Less spraying process, short construction time, high efficiency, economical and practical. With the improvement of thermal spray application requirements and the continuous expansion of the field, especially the advancement of spray technology itself, such as the continuous improvement of spray equipment, the gradual increase of spray materials, and the gradual improvement of coating performance, thermal spray technology in the past ten years The rapid development has not only greatly expanded the application field, but also the development of technologies for preparing ordinary protective coatings to preparing various functional coatings. From single workpiece maintenance to extensive product manufacturing, from single coating preparation to spray system engineering, including product failure analysis, surface pretreatment, coating material, and equipment development, selection, coating system design and post-coating treatment Has become a very active topic in the field of materials surface science. In the modern industry, independent material processing technologies such as casting, forging, welding, and heat treatment have been gradually formed. Saving valuable materials, saving energy, improving product quality, extending product life, reducing costs and improving work efficiency have become important technical means in the industrial sector.

Our Ball Valve Seat uses thermal spray technology. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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