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The Flat Seat Of The Groove Gate Valve Is A special Attribute

Mar. 11, 2019

As a company that produces Gate Valve Seats, let's introduce the flat-bottomed seat of the grooved gate valve.

Selection of the groove gate valve diameter: The flow range controlled by the differential pressure control valve of different diameters is different. Selecting the valve diameter is too small, so that the groove gate valve works at the high end of its control flow range, and it is easy to generate noise. Selecting the valve diameter is too large, so that the valve works at the low end of its control flow range, the system flow range is too large, which is easy to cause hydraulic imbalance of the external piping system, and also cause economic waste. Generally, the valve diameter is equal to or smaller than the pipe diameter of the pipe system in the valve.

Gate Valve Seats

The grooved gate valve grooved connecting valve has the advantages of quick, simple, safe, reliable, unconstrained installation site, convenient maintenance of pipelines and valves, and solution to thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature difference. It is widely used in the water supply and drainage of conveying fluid pipelines, fire protection, air conditioning, gas, petroleum, chemical, water treatment, municipal, shipbuilding and other pipeline engineering as a control fluid.

Flat-bottom valve seat, general gate valve often after the water-passing pipe is over, because such as cement block, iron filings and other debris deposited in the bottom groove of the valve, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of water leakage due to the inability to close tightly. The bottom of the elastic seat sealing valve is adopted. The same flat bottom design as the pipe is not easy to cause debris to accumulate, so that the fluid is unobstructed.

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