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The Importance Of The Ball Valve Seat

Mar. 14, 2019

The main function of the ball valve is to cut or close the fluid passage in the pipe. The working principle of the ball valve is to transmit a certain torque to the ball at the upper end of the valve stem by means of the driving device, and rotate it to 90° to complete the action of opening or closing the valve. The sealing principle of the Ball Valve Seat varies according to its structure. The commonly used valve seat structure can be divided into two types: fixed valve seat floating ball and floating valve seat fixed ball. When the valve seat fixed sphere floats, the ball is displaced in the direction of fluid flow under the action of fluid pressure, so that it is tightly contacted with the valve seat, so that the specific pressure on the sealing surface is increased to form a single side. Sealing, at the same time, the specific pressure on the sealing surface of the valve seat before the valve is correspondingly reduced, and the sealing is often not guaranteed. When the floating ball of the valve seat is fixed, the fluid pressure cannot cause the ball to be displaced, but the valve seat is pressed against the ball by the spring or the fluid thrust to establish the sealing specific pressure.

Seat and seal are key components of the ball valve. The sealing ring should have excellent stability, small friction coefficient, not easy to aging, and good sealing performance. The valve seat should have a certain strength and rigidity, the clearance is moderate, and it is not easy to deform when pressed. The metal sealing seat should meet the functions of high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion, ultra low temperature, zero leakage, long life, fire safety and pressure and wear resistance.

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Ball Valve Seat

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