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Regarding Valve Installation, These Details Should Be Noted! 1

Jun. 10, 2019

As a Gate Valve Seat Factory, let's share with you the precautions for valve installation.

1. When the pipe is welded, the wrong pipe of the opposite pipe is not on a center line, no gap is left in the opposite port, and the thick-walled pipe is not shoveled. The width and height of the weld are not in conformity with the construction specifications.

Consequences: The misalignment of the pipe does not directly affect the quality of the weld and the quality of the look and feel in a centerline. There is no gap in the mouth, and the thick-walled pipe does not shovel the groove. If the width and height of the weld do not meet the requirements, the welding cannot meet the strength requirement.

Measures: After welding the pipe to the mouth, the pipe can not be staggered. It should be on a center line, the gap should be reserved for the mouth, and the thick wall pipe should be shovel. The width and height of the weld should be welded according to the specifications.

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2. There are no reserved holes and embedded parts in the construction of the building structure, or the reserved holes are small in size and the embedded parts are not marked.

Consequences: During the construction of the heating and sanitation project, the building structure is cut and even the stressed steel bars are cut, which affects the safety performance of the building.

Measures: Conscientiously familiar with the construction drawings of the heating and sanitation project, and actively and conscientiously cooperate with the construction of the structural structure to reserve the holes and embedded parts according to the needs of the installation of the pipeline and the supporting hangers, with specific reference to the design requirements and construction specifications.

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