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The Role of Thermal Spraying Technology

Aug. 05, 2019

As a Valve Seat Manufacturer, let's talk about the role of thermal spray technology.

Thermal spraying technology is an important branch of surface engineering. It heats a certain linear and powdery material to a molten or semi-melted state by a heat source such as flame, arc or plasma, and accelerates the formation of droplets at high speed. Spraying onto the substrate forms a coating.

The coating is resistant to wear, corrosion, high temperatures, and thermal insulation, and can be repaired against wear and tear, corrosion or machining. Our Custom Valve Seats use thermal spray technology.

Tungsten Carbide Seats

Tungsten Carbide Seats

The application of thermal spraying technology mainly includes four aspects: long-term anti-corrosion, mechanical repair and advanced manufacturing technology, mold making and repair, and manufacturing special functional coating. At present, thermal spraying technology has been applied to almost industrial fields as well as household products (such as non-stick pans, infrared health heaters, etc.).

Our company specializes in providing Tungsten Carbide Seats, if you need it, please feel free to contact us.

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