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Application Experiment of Supersonic Spraying in High-pressure Gate Valve

Jul. 05, 2019

First, after the coating is ground and polished, the smoothness of the coating reaches the level of Ra ≤ 1, and then the Vickers hardness test is directly performed on the coated working surface of the valve plate, and the test pressure is 300 g. The test method is as follows: five points are randomly selected in the same field of view, and the obtained five values are averaged again, which is the hardness value of the sample. The Vickers hardness value tested for both samples. The average hardness of the two samples was HV 0.31200 or more. The indentation state of the coating is good, and there is no collapse at the indentation, indicating that the coating is dense and uniform in hardness. At the same time, no crack appears along the indentation, indicating that the coating has good toughness. The good density, toughness and relatively uniform microhardness of WC-10Co-4Cr coating ensure the coating has excellent wear resistance and good impact resistance.

Subsequent coating pressure sealing test:

The image analysis technique was first used to semi-quantitatively analyze the porosity of the coating. The porosity test results of the coating obtained by spraying the powder through the JP8000 system. The experiment randomly selected two fields of view of the cross-section of the coating for analysis. The porosity in the two fields of view was 1.6% and 1.4%, respectively, and the average porosity was 1.5%.

Then, the sprayed sample was subjected to a water pressure sealing test. Prior to the experiment, the coating of the Valve Gate China face was finely ground and polished, and then subjected to a pressure test at a water pressure of 100 MPa (ultra-high pressure) for a duration of 30 minutes. After the end of the pressurization, the experimental results showed that there was no “sweating” or water seepage on the working surface of Stainless Steel Valve Gates, indicating that the sealing effect was good, and no leakage occurred under the water pressure of 100 Mpa. Therefore, a coating having a porosity level of about 1.5% can be obtained, which can meet the water pressure sealing requirements of less than 100 MPa.

Valve Gate China

Valve Gate China

to sum up:

Using the supersonic spraying process, WC-10Co-4Cr powder coating material, spray-strengthening the valve plate working surface, the following conclusions are drawn:

(1) The bonding strength of the coating reaches 72.63 MPa, and the bonding state between the coating and the substrate is good;

(2) The Vickers hardness value (HV0.3) of the coating is 1257.1, the microhardness value of the coating is uniform, and the density and toughness of the coating are good;

(3) The porosity of the coating is about 1.5%. Through the 100Mpa water pressure test, there is no leakage phenomenon on the working surface of Anti Friction Valve Gate, indicating that the coating density is good, and the porosity level meets the working requirements of the high-pressure gate valve.

Therefore, through the supersonic spraying of WC-10Co-4Cr, the high-pressure gate valve needs to be fully capable of meeting the user's requirements.

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