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Thermal Spray Technology Operation Method

Jul. 26, 2019

Gate Valve Parts Manufacturer to share with you how to operate thermal spray.

Depending on the state of the heat source and spray material used in thermal spraying. Arc spraying is a method of generating an electric arc between two wires of a material that connects a positive electrode and a negative electrode of a power source. The heated melting portion is atomized by a compressed air jet and then sprayed onto a substrate to form a coating.

Since this method is only suitable for spraying wire, it is also called arc spraying.

Anti Friction Valve Gate

1. Features

(1) The spray material must be electrically conductive.

(2) The arc temperature is lower than the plasma but higher than the oxyacetylene flame, the compressed air pressure of the atomizing wire is higher, and the sprayed layer is denser.

(3) Send two wires at the same time, and the spraying efficiency is high.

2. Use

Suitable for long-term protection of large shafts, rollers, and large structural parts.

Our company's Anti Friction Valve Gate uses thermal spray technology. If you have a need for our products, please feel free to contact us.

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