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What is The Valve Plate Classification of The Regulating Valve?

Jun. 25, 2019

As a Gate Valve Parts Manufacturer, let us explain the valve plate classification of the regulating valve.

The valve plate of the regulating valve can be divided into a parallel valve plate and a wedge valve plate according to structural characteristics. The two sealing faces of the parallel valve plate are parallel to each other and are further divided into a parallel single valve plate and a parallel double valve plate. The single valve plate is easily caught on the valve seat after being heated. At present, it mainly produces parallel double valve plate valves. The double valve plate is mounted with a top wedge between the two valve plates. When the valve plate is lowered, the top wedge is outwardly expanded and pressed against the valve seat to close the Forging Valve Gate.

Anti Friction Valve Gate

The parallel valve plate has a simple structure and poor sealing performance, and the marine boiler bleed valve can meet the requirements for a medium with a low parameter. Applicable to media with a pressure not exceeding 1 MPa and a temperature not exceeding 200 ‘C. Shipping Online When the media is high, the wedge valve plate is used. The sealing surface of the wedge valve plate is inclined and forms an angle. The higher the temperature of the medium, the larger the angle taken. The wedge valve plate is divided into a single valve plate, a double valve plate and an elastic valve plate. The single valve plate is simpler than other wedge valve plates and can be forcibly sealed by the steam pressure.

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