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The Process of Valve Seat Coating

Jun. 29, 2019

Pre-work before Valve Seat Coating : appearance pretreatment; valve seat spray welding; valve seat spray welding post treatment.

Valve Seat Coating

First, the preparatory work before valve seat coating:

Spray welding materials, spray welding tools, spray equipment and process determination.

1. Determine the thickness of the coating. As usual, the valve seat must be machined after spray welding, so the thickness of the coating must be reserved, and the thermal expansion and contraction of the seat spray welding should be taken into account.

2. Determination of coating materials. The selection basis is that the coating material should meet the material, technical requirements and working conditions of the valve seat spray welding workpiece, and the bonding layer and the working layer material are respectively selected.

3. Determine the parameters: pressure, powder particle size, relative speed of the spray gun and the workpiece.

Second, the pretreatment of the appearance of the valve seat workpiece.

1. Appearance cleaning, eliminating oil stains, rust, paint layer, etc., so that the appearance of the workpiece is clean and free of dirt. If the oil stain has penetrated into the base material, it can be removed by flame heating. The rust layer can be acid immersed, mechanically polished or sandblasted. .

2. The purpose of roughening the appearance is to strengthen the bonding force between the coating and the substrate, and to eliminate the stress effect. The commonly used sandblasting, slotting and threading.

Third, valve seat sealing surface spray welding.

After the bonding layer is sprayed, the wire powder and the oxide film are removed by a wire brush. Cooling of the workpiece after spray welding: when cooling, it is important to prevent the coating from cracking and deformation of the workpiece. Extra measures should be taken for some special shapes.

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