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Valve Seat Coating Introduction

Valve Seat: The detachable surface parts in valve are used to support the valve spool in the fully closed position and constitute a sealed part. Generally, valve seat diameter is the maximum flow diameter of the valve.

Product parameters

Since there is an urgent need to improve wear resistance and corrosion resistance of mining and processing equipment in petroleum and petrochemical industries, surface engineering plays an important role in petroleum and petrochemical industries. Techniques of surface engineering are used to treat the surface of materials and improve their surface properties, which will reduce component failure caused by wear and corrosion, and effectively extend service life of parts.

Our company selects high-quality thermal spraying powder as raw material, adopts supersonic spraying equipment, optimizes thermal spraying process, and supports advanced processing equipment and technology, so that the denseness of coating can meet the gas sealing requirements under up to 140 MPa, the coating porosity <1%, the bonding strength exceeds 75MPa, the hardness reaches HV1500 and the hardness uniformity fluctuates by no more than HV100; the product surface after coating can reach mirror surface, with roughness less than Ra0.1, and flatness no more than 2 bands, which can effectively reduce the coefficient of friction between valve plate and valve seat and improve its service life.

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